Saturday, March 3, 2012

DH Birthday card using New Imagine and the Buccaneer Cartridge

First my DGD birthday, then Valentine's Day, then our wedding anniversary and then DH birthday. WHEW! I was lucky enough to score one of the Imagines from WalMart on Black Friday. I've only recently begun to use it and man is it fun! There was a learning curve for me but I think this is my new best friend.

This is the card I made for DH using the Imagine and Buccaneer cartridge. I made the chest at fit to page and it was a bit big for his gift. Next time I will ink the cut edges to give it a more finished look. I could not for the life of me figure out how to do the keyhole piece so I looked on the internet and found an option...I just folded it in half and set it aside. I printed out a flag at 1" and also did a fliped image. Glued the flags together with a toothpick, put tape runner on the key or lock or whatever that other piece was (a handle?) and folded it and with the toothpick in the middle of it, it keeps the chest closed (altho next time I might do the layers option and make that one piece a little bigger than the chest). The front needs a ribbon or something but figured a bow might be TOO much? The inside was the scroll or parchment pattern paper (last paper in the booklet) but I couldn't figure out how to make it print the size I wanted. It's a square image and I wanted it as a rectange to fit the inside of a 4.25 wide by 5.50 card so I just printed it at 5.25 inches, trimmed the longer sides with my scissors (and tried to make it "tattered" looking). I then found a light brown and pumpkin colored ink spot from SU and inked the ended up matching REALLY well. Used a lot of pop dots, too


  1. Very cute. Love the treasture chest to go with it :)

  2. I am blown away by your detailing! The pirate flag is amazing! You have the most incredible cards. Love the shading around the mat.