Saturday, June 17, 2017

Where has time gone?

Where has time gone?  It is flying by at a dizzying pace and I have been so busy.  So many things, so many changes.  I have kept this post mostly about scrapbooking and cardmaking but my world, Scootingranny's so much more these days.

We have decided to clear out our house, sell it and hit the road in a fifth wheel trailer.  Our gameplan?  To travel around until the kids find us and put us in a nursing home.  Seriously, that is just a family joke.  The kids say they will never put us in a nursing home, but time and life take funny and bad turns sometimes so we are hoping to pack the next few years with adventures and travels and probably some trials.  This is going to be our new home on wheels.  More stories about rvs and crafting to come!  And OH...I was featured in an RV magazine, along with others, about our crafting on wheels.

Yes, it's kind of big but it's going to be our home in the future and we wanted to be able to do this with a little space.  We are already talking about getting another one for our "vacation" home, a smaller one that we can use for a 3 day trip somewhere and it won't be the huge ordeal that packing up this one is.  We are currently workamping 2-3 days a week and have the rv at a great campground about 30 miles from the house.  We spend the other days at the house, downsizing and getting the house ready to be put on the market.  SO MUCH STUFF to get rid of.  The process of downsizing has been hard for me. That issue could be a blog, just by itself!

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