Monday, July 25, 2016

Stamp A Faire 2016 Overview

Well, I must say that this year's challenges were winners for me.  It made me stretch outside my comfort zone, to get to feel more comfortable with water colors and inspired me to want to do more.  Thank you Nicole Heady, Lexi Daly, Kay Miller, Heather Nichols, Lizzie Jones, Melissa Phillips, Danielle Flanders, Amy Scheffer and all those who contributed to make this a great Stamp A Faire.

Stamp A Faire Last Challenge #9

This challenge was to do color blocking which was one thing Andy Warhol was noted for.  I decided to following the example done by the instructor and this was the result.  I'm not too crazy about it because I ended up not liking the color combos or the images all that much or the sentiment I chose. I may remove the sentiment and put one on that says something about Get Well or Feel Better Soon.  Much more fitting for some cans of soup.

Stamp A Faire Challenge #8

This challenge was to water color like a master.  Well, I still have a lot to learn and fears about painting outside the lines to conquer but this is another fabulous card and technique that I really liked.  I'm beginning to think I really like water coloring.  I forgot to add some splatter to the card as the instructor did but I still am proud of this one!

Stamp A Faire Challenge #7

This challenge was to use the theory of Pointillism, which I had never heard of.  It's making a painting or scene using round images for the coloring.  This takes some time, even with watercolors but the effect is different and stunning.  On the first layer of coloring, I used the round eraser on the end of a pencil and for the smaller dots, I used small dots from two Paper Trey Ink stamp sets.   I used this image of the violet and the great purple inks also from Paper Trey Ink to create this card, along with a die that punched the holes for the thread around the card.  This is another one that I like so much I  might not ever give it away.

Stamp A Faire Challenge #6

This challenge was to be inspired by Jason Pollock who used lots of splatters and splashes of paint.  Now anybody who knows me understands that I struggle with painting outside the lines or doing abstract things.  This technique was a lot of fun and one that I will most certainly do again.  I loved making background paper that I not only liked but would use!

Stamp A Faire Challenge #5

Challenge #5 was masterpiece inspirations with the team where we were encouraged to look at one of the design team's takes on a masterpiece water color.  I chose to again do one with flowers because I really, really want to get better at doing flowers in water color.  Here's my card and it's another one I really liked.

Stamp A Faire Challenge #4

The fourth challenge was to do a card using flowers based on Monet's techniques and I tried to duplicate the example totally and ended up LOVING IT!  The card itself was time consuming as we had to heat emboss twice in addition to water coloring the flowers, the vase, cutting out the flowers and assembling.  I may have a hard time giving this card away.

Stamp A Faire Challenge #3

The third challenge was to make three note cards and three tags using gold, specifically liquid gold leaf paint or gold embossing.  I did the note cards using the gold leaf paint on the initials and I must admit I struggled with the gold leaf paint.  And then tragedy struck...I knocked over the entire vial and it went EVERYWHERE.  We had to stop, my sister came running to my rescue and did the majority of the clean up.  There was a little left in the vial but I decided to use gold embossing for the tags.  I would have to practice with the liquid gold before I could every really be very good at it and I'm just afraid to go near a bottle of it again!  The klutz in me can strike at any time!  We were also supposed to do envelopes for the note cards but I never got around to doing that.

Stamp A Faire Challenge #2

This second challenge was to make a card thinking of Van Gogh's Starry Night...they taught us a great technique for using different colors of paint to make a night sky and stars.  I ended up loving this card and will definitely try it again!

Paper Trey Ink Stamp A Faire 2016

Well here I am in beautiful Bar Harbor, Maine with my sister, and we are doing the Stamp A Faire challenges.  The first challenge was to look at one of the old masters and use the color scheme to do your first card with watercoloring.  This is the picture and color scheme I chose was Monet's Poppies.  LOL.  My card ended up being absolutely the polar opposite of the inspiration!

The inspiration:

My card:
I am not comfortable with water colors but I'm trying!