Thursday, September 21, 2017

Hurricane Harvey tshirts

My son and his girlfriend recently weathered Hurricane Harvey on Galveston Island, not necessarily by choice.  By the time they evacuated everyone at the park where they work and found places for 20 workers to be safe and moved the office to a safe location, it was too late for them to leave.  He said it was scary at times even though they didn't get the full force of the winds or the storm surge that was anticipated.  I saw this free design on and knew I had to make a shirt for them.  I finished them up tonight and will get them in the mail tomorrow.  Hubby is modeling the shirt for our son.  Thank you so much HoopMama for such a wonderful design and for the reminder of the grace extended to us all ....

Monday, September 18, 2017

Bitten by the Bug Apple challenge

Bitten by the Bug is having an Apple Challenge at .  Although I did this apple card awhile back, I never posted it so I will submit it for this challenge.  I did a simple white card base, a striped mat, then did another mat of black with top grey mat and turned it a little.  Then topped that with a black mat with white mat on top of that and an apple image from either A Child's Year Cartridge or's been so long ago that I really am not sure.  Then added a thin red ribbon at the bottom.