Thursday, September 21, 2017

Hurricane Harvey tshirts

My son and his girlfriend recently weathered Hurricane Harvey on Galveston Island, not necessarily by choice.  By the time they evacuated everyone at the park where they work and found places for 20 workers to be safe and moved the office to a safe location, it was too late for them to leave.  He said it was scary at times even though they didn't get the full force of the winds or the storm surge that was anticipated.  I saw this free design on and knew I had to make a shirt for them.  I finished them up tonight and will get them in the mail tomorrow.  Hubby is modeling the shirt for our son.  Thank you so much HoopMama for such a wonderful design and for the reminder of the grace extended to us all ....

Monday, September 18, 2017

Bitten by the Bug Apple challenge

Bitten by the Bug is having an Apple Challenge at .  Although I did this apple card awhile back, I never posted it so I will submit it for this challenge.  I did a simple white card base, a striped mat, then did another mat of black with top grey mat and turned it a little.  Then topped that with a black mat with white mat on top of that and an apple image from either A Child's Year Cartridge or's been so long ago that I really am not sure.  Then added a thin red ribbon at the bottom.

Friday, June 23, 2017

Coffee anyone?

I just found out about this cardmaking hop about coffee and I just have to join in!  Link:   Here's a coffee card/gift card holder that I  made for a friend's birthday using my Cricut Explore. I used the image in Design Space that was done by Joy from the blog Obsessed with Scrapbooking (thanks for the file, Joy!) which used the cup from the Close to My Heart cartridge "Artistry".  I used a Anna Griffin's Soiree Lettering-Grace Script font to write the greeting with the Explore on the coffee cup and on the inside. Then I just did a simple pocket on the inside to hold the gift card.  The coffee paper liner is a free image from the internet and I used the Print to Cut feature of the Explore and the liner image from the Close to My Heart cartridge Artfully Sent.  It was easy and  I just made a tweak to the cup (sliced out the top and cut it in pieces to layer on top).

Saturday, June 17, 2017

Where has time gone?

Where has time gone?  It is flying by at a dizzying pace and I have been so busy.  So many things, so many changes.  I have kept this post mostly about scrapbooking and cardmaking but my world, Scootingranny's so much more these days.

We have decided to clear out our house, sell it and hit the road in a fifth wheel trailer.  Our gameplan?  To travel around until the kids find us and put us in a nursing home.  Seriously, that is just a family joke.  The kids say they will never put us in a nursing home, but time and life take funny and bad turns sometimes so we are hoping to pack the next few years with adventures and travels and probably some trials.  This is going to be our new home on wheels.  More stories about rvs and crafting to come!  And OH...I was featured in an RV magazine, along with others, about our crafting on wheels.

Yes, it's kind of big but it's going to be our home in the future and we wanted to be able to do this with a little space.  We are already talking about getting another one for our "vacation" home, a smaller one that we can use for a 3 day trip somewhere and it won't be the huge ordeal that packing up this one is.  We are currently workamping 2-3 days a week and have the rv at a great campground about 30 miles from the house.  We spend the other days at the house, downsizing and getting the house ready to be put on the market.  SO MUCH STUFF to get rid of.  The process of downsizing has been hard for me. That issue could be a blog, just by itself!

Monday, July 25, 2016

Stamp A Faire 2016 Overview

Well, I must say that this year's challenges were winners for me.  It made me stretch outside my comfort zone, to get to feel more comfortable with water colors and inspired me to want to do more.  Thank you Nicole Heady, Lexi Daly, Kay Miller, Heather Nichols, Lizzie Jones, Melissa Phillips, Danielle Flanders, Amy Scheffer and all those who contributed to make this a great Stamp A Faire.

Stamp A Faire Last Challenge #9

This challenge was to do color blocking which was one thing Andy Warhol was noted for.  I decided to following the example done by the instructor and this was the result.  I'm not too crazy about it because I ended up not liking the color combos or the images all that much or the sentiment I chose. I may remove the sentiment and put one on that says something about Get Well or Feel Better Soon.  Much more fitting for some cans of soup.

Stamp A Faire Challenge #8

This challenge was to water color like a master.  Well, I still have a lot to learn and fears about painting outside the lines to conquer but this is another fabulous card and technique that I really liked.  I'm beginning to think I really like water coloring.  I forgot to add some splatter to the card as the instructor did but I still am proud of this one!

Stamp A Faire Challenge #7

This challenge was to use the theory of Pointillism, which I had never heard of.  It's making a painting or scene using round images for the coloring.  This takes some time, even with watercolors but the effect is different and stunning.  On the first layer of coloring, I used the round eraser on the end of a pencil and for the smaller dots, I used small dots from two Paper Trey Ink stamp sets.   I used this image of the violet and the great purple inks also from Paper Trey Ink to create this card, along with a die that punched the holes for the thread around the card.  This is another one that I like so much I  might not ever give it away.

Stamp A Faire Challenge #6

This challenge was to be inspired by Jason Pollock who used lots of splatters and splashes of paint.  Now anybody who knows me understands that I struggle with painting outside the lines or doing abstract things.  This technique was a lot of fun and one that I will most certainly do again.  I loved making background paper that I not only liked but would use!

Stamp A Faire Challenge #5

Challenge #5 was masterpiece inspirations with the team where we were encouraged to look at one of the design team's takes on a masterpiece water color.  I chose to again do one with flowers because I really, really want to get better at doing flowers in water color.  Here's my card and it's another one I really liked.