Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Gingerbread Party Invitations

These are my gingerbread party invitations for this year.  I used the apron from the Cricut From My Kitchen cartridge but cut off the apron strings on the waist and top.  I had to cut the aprons at 6" to get them big enough to put in the inserts that I obtained off the internet (have tried in vain to find the link so that I can give credit for this cute little insert but can't!!) but yet small enough to go in a 5x7 envelope.  The aprons are done with various ribbons and different pieces of scrapbook paper from my stash and some were done using the Imagine and papers from the Cricut Imagine Santa's Village cartridge.  I hand cut little items for the pockets on the aprons.

I cut the aprons at the waist line and didn't glue the top cut part of the bottom of the apron so that the inserts could go into the waistband.  I printed the inserts, then re-ran them through the printer to get the party information.  I also had to trim the sides a bit to get them to fit.

The Inserts:

The invitations:

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  1. These are absolutely adorable!