Monday, August 26, 2013

Paper Trey Ink Stamp Affaire Challenges 1 - 5

This is the third year my sister and I have attended a PaperTrey Ink Stamp Affair event.  The first year was a limited ticket event that we attended in Cincinnati.  That was such a huge hit that it was determined the following events would be online where people could do the projects either in groups hosted by someone or just at home in their own crafting environment.  This year my sister hosted an event and it was attended by me and three other ladies from the Dallas Fort Worth area.  The drive for all of us was a little less than two hours one way but we all agreed it was WELL worth the effort.  Kudos to Joy for hosting such a fun time.  There were 10 challenges and I will be posting this in two parts so that it won't be 10 individual posts or one loooonnnnnggg post.  Hope you all enjoy !!

The first challenge was a breakfast make and take where we were given sketches and color schemes and we chose from among those 9.  Here's my take on the challenge.  I stamped and hand cut the "Smile" sentiment and placed at the bottom of the flower stems cos I goofed up on stamping in that area.  Great coverup!

The second challenge was to create a tea stained project.  My sister and I decided to do the flower that one of the designers completed and this is my project.  I will be hot gluing a pin on the back and either gift it to someone or wear it myself on a brown sweater that I have.

The third challenge was to use paper clay.  It's like modeling clay only it dries to have the consistency of coaster board or thin chipboard.  I had a bit of a difficult time with this because I didn't roll the clay thin enough and it wasn't totally dry.  I did salvage enough to make the three buttons on this card.  I stamped them with a PTI stamp and ink and loved the way they turned out.  I will be trying the technique again and now that I have done it once, I'm hoping the second time will be easier.

The fourth challenge was to use misting inks to make a colored paper.  This is my entry... now I know the embossing was a little goofed up in the middle and I may have sprayed it a little too much but I really like the technique and will definitely be trying it again.

The fifth challenge was to use one of two types of salt techniques.  I had never used either but this is yet another technique I will try again.  I used a lot of water on mine but it ended up looking like a plaid and I really liked it.  I use a stamp set that came with our kits to do the sentiment and leaves.
Stay tuned for Part Two!!

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  1. Your salt card turned out so cool! It looks so "autumny"