Tuesday, March 26, 2013

The Apron Chronicles

After doing my post about Susan, I noticed on the Sizzix website that she had a blog about baking/sewing/crafting at http://mymothersapronstrings.blogspot.com/ . I read a few of her posts and was so reminded of a really wonderful outing for Mother's Day 2006. There was an exhibit at the Dallas Women's Museum called The Apron Chronicles http://chronicles.apronmemories.com/ and we decided to have a Mother's Day Outing for lunch and to see this exhibit. It was such a good day... my Mother had Chronic Lymphocetic Leukemia, which she battled for over 23 years. She passed away just a year after this outing and since it was such a good day for her, it is one of my most precious memories.

This first picture shows sister Jean, Mom, sister Joy and daughter Sharon at the Old Mill Restaurant on the State Fair grounds which was by the museum. We had a wonderful lunch with Elvis!

We put on aprons when we went through the exhibit and everybody loved it!  We got stopped and asked about our aprons and it was just such a fun time.  Afterwards we went outside and took pictures.  We were all laughing so much...I thought Mom would fall over laughing.  I still love the memory of her laughter.....

My daughter, Sharon, took this last picture and we decided to "flash" her by raising up our aprons.  By this time, Mom was laughing so hard, she was crying.  What were we laughing about so much?  I don't have a clue.  All I remember is the laughing.



  1. That's one of my favorite memories! She had such a good time.

  2. I love it! Maybe you'll win one of mine, XOXO