Sunday, May 22, 2011

Grandson's Graduation Card

Well, the last 18 years have blown by so fast that I am amazed. My first-born granboy will be graduating next week and then leaving for Marine BootCamp in 6 weeks. My emotions are running the span of pride, fear, happiness, trepidation, love, loss..and on and on and on. I just have to trust in his good judgment and will keep him in my prayers and I trust in the Lord for his protection and growth. He is a fantastic young man with a very bright future. One thing I discovered last week--the last and final Harry Potter movie will come out four days after he leaves for basic training. We have seen EVERY Harry Potter movie together, read the books together, went to midnight release parties for the books and have even been lucky enough to obtain tickets to pre-screening events for several of the movies. I am sooooo going to miss him and seeing this one just won't be the same.

I made a card similar to this for my great-niece who graduated last year. When they were little, we used to tease that my great-niece and granboy were cosmic twins--although born EXACTLY TO THE MINUTE 24 hours apart, they lost their first tooth on the same day, played for soccer teams of the same name (even though they lived 90 miles apart)--so many different things were alike. So, I made a male version of her graduation card. All cricut cuts are from Everyday Paper Dolls. The face and sentiment are computer generated


  1. How adorable, and the best of wishes to your grandson. Last year my first grandson graduated high school and two weeks ago I went to his Navy boot camp graduation. I am so very proud of him. My second grandson graduates high school next week and then he too will go into the Navy. Love our boys and are so very proud.

  2. Yeah, we are going to miss him, but God knows every hair on his head and will take care of him. As much as we love him, God loves him more. It will be exciting to see where God takes this remarkable young man.

  3. Very cute. These kids do grow up! Good for him giving service to his country. I have been a part of the Operation Write Home - sending cards to troops so they can write home. Has been a very blessed crafting project. I like your designs and was trying to find the explosion type box that was posted on Pink Stamper. Do you have a link of directions you could send me? Thanks, Peggie

  4. Nice card, I bet he liked it!