Monday, July 25, 2016

Stamp A Faire Challenge #3

The third challenge was to make three note cards and three tags using gold, specifically liquid gold leaf paint or gold embossing.  I did the note cards using the gold leaf paint on the initials and I must admit I struggled with the gold leaf paint.  And then tragedy struck...I knocked over the entire vial and it went EVERYWHERE.  We had to stop, my sister came running to my rescue and did the majority of the clean up.  There was a little left in the vial but I decided to use gold embossing for the tags.  I would have to practice with the liquid gold before I could every really be very good at it and I'm just afraid to go near a bottle of it again!  The klutz in me can strike at any time!  We were also supposed to do envelopes for the note cards but I never got around to doing that.

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  1. tags and little cards are so much fun - these are so pretty.