Sunday, November 18, 2012

Hug those you love

I just wanted to say that Life Is Short.  Hug those you love.  Tell them everyday how important they are to you.  My wonderful brother-in-law that I made the bra/panty card for, did very well after his initial surgery but three days after being released from the hospital,  he and my sister were sitting on their patio, opening cards that had been sent to him, when he had to be rushed back to the hospital.  He passed away three surgeries and a week later due to complications from the inital surgery.  The tragic irony is that according to his doctors, he would have survived the pancreatic cancer. 

He was the best of brother-in-laws, a true friend.  My sister started dating him when she was 16 and this will be an ongoing difficult journey for her and all the people who loved Sandy.  I don't believe in the word "closure" in situations like this, but she is finding comfort and strength through her faith, her friends and family.

So, be sure to enjoy each day as none of us is guaranteed tomorrow.  My wonderful sister and  brother-in-law:


  1. what a wonderful picture and lovely tribute. best wishes to all this holiday season.