Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Recent Camping Trip

Hubs and I have become friends in the past years with a group of friends who we have had so much fun with.  On the weekend before the fourth of July we went camping with them and had a blast.  We loaded up our camping stuff on their boat and headed off to an island--totally deserted.  No electricity, no running water.  No cable.  Just heat and sun and water and fishing and boating and cooking out.  We do bring a lot of the comforts of home with air mattresses, smores,  lots of adult beverages and a duck blind with a self-contained potty and shower.  I mean roughing it is one thing but we gotta be civilized about it!  We called our little piece of the island the "Redneck Riviera"

Redneck Riviera at night with our homemade redneck tiki torches


Fishing at dusk
Deer that DH was able to capture on the heck did a deer get to this island?????  It looks kinda weired because he had to zoom in to the max on my little camera to be able to capture this.

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  1. Gorgeous photos-- I have to say that "Fishing at Dusk" needs to be framed! Lovely!!!

    I only 'camp' at hotels, but I am always impressed by real campers! :)